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About Us

I established KM Horseboxes during 1989 in Folkestone, Kent. We quickly out grew these premises and re-located to Ashford, due to ever pressing delivery schedules my workforce and I built then moved back to our new current larger premises at Folkestone.

In 2008 Jamie my son joined the team, with his enthusiasm and the continued support from my long term partner Karen, an avid horse rider, KM has gone from strength to strength. By 2012 we had carried out our biggest extension of all giving us the capacity for 3 lorries in build simultaneously and a dedicated spray and refinishing department

I have a number of 'in-house tradesmen' working with me, including fabricators, coach builders, refinishers, a cabinet maker, and a glass-fibre craftsman, all of whom have attributes that give over 40 years horsebox building experience between them, and can therefore produce a highly professionally built end product.

"Assuring you of my full and personal attention at all times."

Mick Leadsham - Owner of KM Horseboxes

Sentinel 7.5T - 26T

Sentinel Elite Horsebox 7.5t to 26t

Our new top of the range ! designed and inspired with our clients Team Renwick in mind and now in full production.

Like our Arion model the Sentinel has a totally unique luton and roof line and not a generic mass produced mould.

The new Sentinel luton  is custom built with fitted skyheadlights, an integral sunvisor and a fully opening sunroof, a compliment to any cab it sits over. The new luton also adds sleeping height and thanks to the new roofline and rear spoiler the increased height is cleverly disguised keeping a sleek and modern look. 

Fully flush windows! That’s not something your going to see every day! In full coachbuilt specification the Sentinel boasts totally flush windows, not to be mistaken with bonded on windows, our windows sit in a recess within the body and finish flush with the outer body skin. An unmistakably classy look

Interior Luxury

Luxury livings are available throughout our range but with the exterior finish our Sentinal delivers it almost demands the best interior fit out too, So why not! You can add two or three slideouts then select from a vast array of wood and leather finishes and finally add as many top end appliances as your heart desires! Home from home on six or eight wheels

Horse Safety and Features

The horse area delivers a punch too! Aluminium or Stainless Partitions along with a practically fully aluminium construction gives strength and longevity to your new investment, this is them lined with what we consider to be some of the markets best material giving a robust yet attractive finish. As with all of our builds we don’t believe this is the place for fancy spray coatings and gimmicks, Traditional coachbuiilding carried out professionally, an old format but the way forward.

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Arion Elite 6.5T to 26T

From the striking bold Luton, down past the stylish side arches and finishing with the elegant rear light pillars; end to end quality.

Here we have the space and capacity for the ultimate build. Even after all this time we still find building a large high-spec lorry exciting!

10 horse or huge living the choice is yours.

The list of possible extra's seems endless - under floor storage - slide out living - roof rack - tilting cab, windows galore just to mention a few, want something out of the norm? Give us a call! We'll perfect your idea and make it a reality...

The same design features as on the HGV.

Striking bold Luton, stylish side arches and elegant rear light pillars gives your new KM that stylish look and quality you desire.

Using modern light materials we can still offer you those all so important options - luxury living - full height tack lockers - under floor storage lockers - tilting cab and that's just the tip of the iceberg! Together we'll build the whole horsebox around you whilst keeping an ever watchful eye on that weight issue.

Interior Luxury

The best materials and workmanship skills are used to ensure the height of luxury expected at this level.

This combined with quality appliances like air conditioning, diesel central heating, power showers, flushing WC's, heated towel rails, satellite TV, remote start generators, and game consoles means you can have your ultimate horsebox built around your every desire.

Over the years our experience has enabled us to fit a luxurious living into the most compact of spaces, making the modest of livings feel spacious and comfortable, add to that your choice of appliances and you've achieved your ultimate combination with the capacity for you and your equine friends.

Horse Safety & Features

The safety and comfort of your horses is paramount throughout our range.

Your horses comfort is catered for in a time proven area. We give you the choice of quality materials, aluminium for that light touch or perhaps stainless for its superior strength and classy looks? The choice is yours.

The horse area is not the place for plastic spray coatings and fancy clips or gadgets and gimmicks.

Sensible strong partitions, good materials, unfussy, functional and safe. Safety built in with quality coachbuilding!


  • Spacious luton design
  • Rear pillar lights
  • Flared wheel arches
  • Panoramic luton windows
  • Rear spoiler with optional repeater lights
  • Stylish rear bumper and spring cover with no unisghtly parts.

Our View

"Its a high end modern product with stand out from the crowd looks! Built traditionally with Safety and style! Whats more its affordable!"

Newcomer 6.5T - 26T

This is the box that started it all for us back in 89. In 2010 we did a chassis change on a 16 year old newcomer which had out lasted its chassis counterpart! With the improvements in construction and the use of modern materials we have managed to make this box even better

Take the Newcomer, add a few of the luxuries we have come to expect and you’ll have a lorry which will hold its own on any showground.

This versatile box can be made any size from two horse non HGV through to a full capacity HGV with luxury living.

Value from start to finish!

Luxury Interior

Fitted out with either a basic living or the full works, the choice is yours.

The same options are available in the Newcomer living area as in the Arion, that together with the attention to detail given to all our living areas completes your Newcomer to the highest of specifications, making the modest of lorries feel luxurious.

Horse Safety & Features

As throughout our range the safety and comfort of your horses is paramount

Your horses comfort is catered for in a time proven area, safety built in by quality manufacturing.

Sensible strong partitions, good materials, unfussy, functional and safe.

Our View

"Fantastic container with years of service under its belt, it's been bought by truck dealers so many times who have then unsuccessfully tried to copy it that we've lost count! Buy an original, it's tops !!"

Stable Away

Here at KM over the years we have specalised in building horseboxes or many shapes and sizes, whether this be small and compact or large and extravagant.

Through those years we have worked closely with our driving clients to build what we believe to be the best fold out stable on the market to date.

Taking up just 4 inches of interior width, a fitted side stable allows your horse plentiful space during travelling as in all our horsebox range but with the added advantage of an equine “Home from Home” on arrival.

How It Works

The stable is engineered with gas strut assistance, simply unclip the bottom locks and the side will lift easily becoming the stable roof.

The 2 gates then fold from within to support the roof. The gates are then assembled with poles which just slide together.

Canvas wraps around the bars give the stable a soft but strong feel, this can be erected in a matter of minutes!

Stable Away

In 2010 after building numerous stables to perfect their simplicity, we were commissioned to build and produce the newest addition to the KM fleet…. The Stable Away!

This versatile trailer enables excellent storage solutions for your carriages and equipment, and with both sides folding out it can give you up to 4 stables!

Our View

"KM stables - The perfect mobile over night stay for your horses!"

Latest Build

Our latest stunning build to leave our garage, our 6.5 ton Arion stalled for two.

A lovely high specification vehicle, from aluminium subframe and ramp underneath to full length glass bonded windows and luxury gloss walnut fitted interior- and with a payload of just under 2ton - it is one very desirable vehicle indeed!!!


Our workshop has been purposely built on our own land solely for the manufacture of horseboxes and our specialist recreational vehicles. We have fitted out our facilities with a blend of traditional and state of the art machinery, the latest addition being a fully compliant Low Bake Spray Oven fitted for us by Todd Engineering late in 2010.

Our painting facility is not only environmentally friendly but it enables us to refinish your new KM Horsebox (or even refurbish your old horsebox) to an excellent, long lasting standard.

Our comprehensive list of workshop machinery includes a table saw, mitre saw, band saw, laminator, guillotine, 2.5m box pan folder, tube former, MIG and TIG welders, if we need it we have it! With this type of equipment in place there are not many materials we cannot bend, cut, laminate, form or weld to fit perfectly to your horsebox.

Your entire horsebox will be constructed from start to finish in our workshop by our tradesmen allowing us total quality control throughout your build and keeps the build cost of your KM horsebox to a price that other manufacturers can't compete with!

The continuing investment into our workshop facilities shows a commitment to building you a quality product that both KM and you will be proud of. Visitors are always welcome, the kettles on!

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